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25 November 2006 @ 07:30 pm
Challenge 7  

  • Go to the link and pick any pictures/picture that you want to make your icon. ASHLEY MUST BE IN THE ICON!
  • You can use anything for this round: brushes, blending, text, etc.
  • Only use the following images from that photoshoot.
  • Entries are due December 1st @ 11 PM eastern time.
  • You must particpate in this challenge, or tell me that you are skipping it, or else be disqualified.

  • Icon Makers Left:
    •   absolutemodel
    •   cruisingaway
    •   avada_k
    •   diablo_dancer
    •   juliemary1989
    •   herfaith
    Those names that are bolded must submit an icon because they do not have any skips left.